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According to the New York Times, public schools in the U.S. have lost at least 1.2 million students since 2020, with some switching to home-schooling and others dropping out.

Let’s be generous and assume that 200,000 of those kids switched to home schooling, which begs the following questions

  1. What ...
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As reported in the NYT, Harvard just released a pretty extensive report that claims that “remote learning didn’t work”.

Is this the correct conclusion?

Let’s say we draft 22 talented athletes, but do not design a playbook nor conduct any practices. We simply put the 22 players on the ...

Development Dip
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Months ago, I shared frightening statistics about MILLIONS of kids missing an entire year (or more) of school. Now it appears that we’re also doing irreparable harm to babies and their development.

Looking back over your lifetime, would you say that the world has gotten more complex and demanding, ...

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I was watching the documentary about the Varsity Blues Scandal and I'm not sure the I like their conclusions. The problem is not standardized testing. The problem is what standardized testing has become.

I like to think about it from the employer's perspective. If someone graduates from high ...

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Until recently, when my daughter discussed a political or social issue at the dinner table, I would almost always take the opposite side. At first, she thought that my political views were just different from hers and she found it frustrating. But eventually, she caught on and realized that my constant ...

Quality Level of Remote Education
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Ponder this...20 million Americans haven't had ANY school for nearly a year (and it wasn't like our educational system was killing it before COVID-19 happened).

How do they catch up?

Will they ever catch up?

What does this mean to the future talent pool?

What happens ...

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Hmmmm…Something strange is going on...Gee, you think?

Robinhood…who gamifies betting on stocks and offers free trades in exchange for providing hedge funds exclusive intelligence on trades so they can make money regardless of which way the market goes

Billions (and still counting) going ...

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Wait a minute -- there's a big election going on this year!?! Why haven't I heard anything about it?

In all seriousness...despite all of the hype machines turned up to 11, we are going to be just fine. Maybe not right away...but eventually.

I just try to keep in mind that, statistically, ...

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Why is this so difficult? The only fair way to balance the US Supreme Court is to stop enabling them to stay on the court until they die, which is never going to happen in perfect intervals. If you give them each 18 years to serve...which is plenty of time, we could rotate them out every two years. ...

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Business Casual is one of those podcasts where I pick and choose the episodes. Last week featured two great ones.

My favorite was an outstanding podcast interview with the CEO of Chegg. Sure, parts are a little self-serving (as they all are), but I haven't come across a better summary of the ...

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