How Many Canaries In The Coalmine Do We Need?

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Hmmmm…Something strange is going on...Gee, you think?

Robinhood…who gamifies betting on stocks and offers free trades in exchange for providing hedge funds exclusive intelligence on trades so they can make money regardless of which way the market goes

Billions (and still counting) going to people who didn’t spend their share of the bailout...and instead ‘invested’ it.

A Reddit-fueled run on GameStop designed to trap a couple key hedge funds stupid enough to publicize their positions.

And now an asymmetrical response to prevent buying, encourage selling, and help bail out the hedge funds positions…

…and we finally have the first issue that both Democrats and Republicans agree on since the killing of Bin Laden.

Anything that's not sustainable will, by definition, come to an end. While some may cheer the comeuppance of hedge funds (Lord knows many of them need to be reminded that they haven’t rescinded the laws of gravity), let's not pretend that there isn't going to be a TON of collateral damage on the way down.

The system is rigged -- heads they win, tails we find out that they surrounded our financial system with Wildfire and gave the trigger to an over-caffeinated Joffrey Baratheon.

Be safe, everyone, something isn't right.

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