COVID-19 As A Digital Learning Catalyst

What if, all of a sudden, all of our default settings on how we learn (and how we work) were switched off? What if we didn’t have the same access to teachers, professors, classrooms, etc, that we’ve taken for granted for our entire lives?

Ideally, it would cause us to rethink each of our preferences and really examine whether those preferences were based on comfort (because that’s how I’ve always learned) rather than the best return for our time, money, and energy (ROI).

If I were to imagine the ideal, personal SUPERPOWER for the 21st century, it would be the ability to harness the abundant, inexpensive learning resources that the digital revolution has enabled and quickly digest, integrate, and synthesize those resources into real-world, tradable skills that will add real value to our economies and our world.

As bad as this COVID-19 crisis is, there will be silver linings. I propose that this will be a huge catalyst to adopting a new lifelong-learning-based educational system that is built not by governmental decrees (as well-intentioned and useful as those might have been for the early industrial world), but rather by individuals and smaller organizations to meet the new 21st century demands.

Much of this new system has already been built and it will only get better (and cheaper). Ultimately, this will deliver better results in a fraction of the time and for pennies on the dollar. We just need to tweak our learning skills to take advantage of this new digital delivery.

What a world this is going to be on the other side!

Be safe and stay tuned!

©1996-2020 Matthew Turco