Premature Concern Over The New Star Wars Movie

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So Rey is returning. Well, okay. Daisy is a great actress, despite the...ahem...uneven script and direction. And as a fan...I really hope they can fix some open loops and unnecessary detours.

But then I read about all of complaints about the choice of director...and I can't help but wonder.

Do any talented directors who have credibility and a congruent vision even want to direct a Star Wars movie? It seems asymmetrically risky.

If it does well, it will be because it is Star Wars and because of the large time gap between movies. If it fails, then the director will get the vitriol and blame from a fanbase that's so angry that they can't see straight. Regardless of how justified the anger is, this is why, in 2019, I predicted The Imminent Demise of Fandom.