No Child Left Behind, 2022 Edition, and the Coming Class Warfare

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According to the New York Times, public schools in the U.S. have lost at least 1.2 million students since 2020, with some switching to home-schooling and others dropping out.

Let’s be generous and assume that 200,000 of those kids switched to home schooling, which begs the following questions

What new resources are now available for homeschooling that have led that many parents to choose that route over traditional school? When (if ever) will traditional schools embrace those resources to help us achieve that elusive dream of “no child left behind” That still leaves 1 million kids who dropped out. What does that say about our workforce in ten years? This is an economy begging for workers, yet college graduates (who, granted, chose the wrong majors) are becoming Starbucks baristas (and considering unionization…for making coffee…something a robot can do), leaving fewer options for high school graduates and college dropouts (especially those without vocational skills).

So where in the hell will the high school dropouts be in 2030?

And what about the growing population of retirees who rely on a productive economy of taxpayers to pay for their social security?

If you think that our current supply woes were the end of this crisis, buckle up. This shitshow isn’t close to being over.