The Jedi Arts Training Site

Years ago, I had the idea of developing two websites that introduced many of the concepts of accelerated learning (memory, speed reading, modeling, hypnosis, and communication skills) through metaphor. The first was The Jedi Arts Training Site (based on the ever-popular movies, books, and more) and the sceond was The Pretender Training Site (based on the 1996-2001 TV show).

Like many internet-based aspirations, it was grand in concept, but way too much work to pull off and do it well.

The good news is that I have strated publishing again, but right now I am doing so exclusively on my primary website, Genius By Design, where much of the work that was intended to be introduced here has been integrated into an original learning model. If this is of any interest to you, I encourage you to read the outline and summary of the site here and decide for yourself if the content warrants your time and attention.

Perhaps once Genius By Design is complete, I'll come back and fulfill this vision as well. I geniuinely hope so.

Be well,

Matthew Turco






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